16mm film with sound

As an option you can have us captured any analog composite sound (magnetic or optical sound that is on the film itself - not on a separate reel). For example, we can capture mono magnetic or optical sound that is on 16mm film or Optical Dolby Stereo from 35mm film. We can also capture single or dual track Super 8 magnetic sound. Some customers have 8mm film with magnetic sound. In most cases we can capture that as well.

Because we cannot capture the sound during 2K or 4K film scanning, we must capture it using a WMA MB51 sound follower after the film is scanned.

We can not capture any digital audio like Dolby Digital or Sony Dynamic Digital Sound.

Super 8 Magnetic sound

       Super 8 Sound Film Example

16mm optical sound

       16mm Sound Film Example

16mm sound film came in many different varieties. This is just one example. In general, 16mm film with sound will only have sprocket holes on 1 side. The other side carries the sound strip. The sound strip can come in other colors like blue & silver.