Film to DVD

Some customer may be wondering just how much information is actually on film!! That's a good question. The following images are a simplification to illustrate some general points. They are not exact and will vary based on specific film stocks.

8mm SD HD scan
  • 8mm and Super 8 film has a maximum resolution of 2K horizontal lines.
  • A 480 line SD scan will only get about 40% of the details from the film.
  • A 1080 line HD scan will get about 75% of the details from the film.
  • To truly archive 8mm or Super 8 film it must be scanned at 2K resolution.
16mm HD 2K 4K Scan
  • Older 16mm print film has around 2K lines.
  • Newer 16mm and S16mm can have up to 3K lines of resolution.
  • Although an HD scan is good, it only gets about 50% of the details from the film.
  • To archive 16mm film a 2k scan is required for older print film and a 4K scan for newer film stocks with smaller film grain.
35mm hd 2k 4k scan
  • Older 35mm film has up to 3K lines while newer 35mm film can have in excess of 4K lines.
  • An HD scan only gets about 1/4 of the film's details.
  • A 2K scan (2048 ×1556) will get about 50%.
  • A 4K (4096 x 3112) scan will get the majority of the film details. Newer film stocks with finer grain will require a 6K scan in order to truly archive it.